The protagonist of the animated short The Backwater Gospel, my bachelor project and debut as director.
Background paintings by Martin Holm-Grevy

Made in 2009

The style and technique was developed through a small experimental character called Wyatt, after the front man of the band Those Poor Bastards, whose music inspired the visual style. The design was also derived from it, but made less sinister to fit the character in the film.

The process with the character is sort of backways - I start with drawing the texture in Photoshop, as small chunks with transparency, then put it on a simple plane in Maya and start cutting away, sculpting in the shapes indicated in the texture. When enough planes are assembled it will mimic a volumetric shape but the silhouette will mostly be dictated by the alpha of the texture which makes it possible to achieve a looser, more organic look than traditional modeling.

I worked with seven fellow students on the project which will premiere in the cinema here in Viborg the 28th of January 2011 and afterwards made available online. I worked closely with Zebulon Whatley of Sons of Perdition who made an invaluably contribution to the project by writing a complete score, voicing the tramp and giving feedback on story development.